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ColorManager XT


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The ColorManager XT is a powerful yet simple to use, add on XTension for QuarkXPress. It allows users to easily  identify, control and manipulate any color usage within their documents.

  • Allows the user to easily ‘Search and Replace’ any color that appears in: Text, Lines, Frames, or Backgrounds.
  • When searching for a color, the user can specify what percentage shade of the color to look for.
  • When replacing a color, the user can specify what percentage shade the resultant color should be.
  • You can change individual occurrences of a color or globally change all occurrences in the document.
  • The Process separation settings for all colors in the document can be easily accessed and modified.
  • It is possible to view, create and to report on all color usage within EPS files utilised by the document.
  • It reports on whether TIFF and EPS graphics are RGB or CMYK file'.
  • The user specify custom CMYK screen angles and frequencies to use for printing, thus preventing moire pattern.
  • The Collect for Output option allows you to select a document and specify a destination disk and/or folder where you want to copy the file. The document and all its linked graphics (Including DCS files if required), Screen and Printer fonts (Including EPS fonts) will be transferred.

Available for Macintosh O.S.

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