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Never misspell a word again


The most comprehensive Spell Checker Anywhere lets you solve this annoying problem while making yourself more accurate and productive. Instantly access the most authoritative, definitive, up-to-date and essential terms from the world's major reference sources. No need to rely on only one publisher's paper or electronic dictionary any longer. SpellBound assures you of getting the most complete and up-to-date spelling dictionary and the best value, too!

With the new SpellBound Technical Dictionaries you are only a split second away from turning your QuarkXPress into a technical word expert. If you have ever tried to spell words like leukopoietin, Diabetussin, schreinerize, Saskatchewan, or xerostomia, you already know that your basic dictionary doesn't include thousands of terms needed by today's health care, legal, and scientific engineering professionals.

Medical, Pharmaceutical, Legal, Technical, Dental, Wall St. Words, American Heritage, Webster's, Cultural Literacy, Stedman's Medical and  Geographical Dictionaries are available.



Note. The SpellBound XT will only work with QuarkXPress Passport or with a single language QuarkXPress that has the same language as the XTension.

Available for Windows and Macintosh O.S.

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