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FlightAlert XT


Collect for Output



FlightAlert, XT  combines on-the-fly error checking of QuarkXPress documents with one of the most powerful Collect For Output engines available.

FlightAlert scans QuarkXPress documents for the key problems that regularly waste time, money and film. FlightAlert is unique among the so-called flight checking products in that there is no need to invoke or apply FlightAlert as it works in the background as you work. It is thus an ideal solution for integration into busy production and pre-press workflows.

FlightAlert can be set to scan on Open, Close, Save, Save As, Save Page as EPS and Collect for Output. By concentrating on the core of common problems, each FlightAlert scan is virtually instantaneous on small documents and negligible on large documents.

The problems recognised include:

  • RGB elements that will not separate properly
  • Unwanted spot colours that would waste film
  • TIFF images with background set to ‘None’ that could cause jaggies Items with print suppressed
  •  Non-90 degree rotations that could cause problems for RIPs
  •  Danger-sign text overflow (it can ignore intentional and harmless overflow)
  •  Leftover positional graphics which will print low-res
  •  Missing or Modified Graphics
  •  EPS Files with Missing Fonts
  •  Text with Bold or Italic Applied Styles
  •  And many others.

FlightAlert also contains one of the most powerful Collect For Output (CFO) facilities available to QuarkXPress users. 

Available for Macintosh OS

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