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The Dashes XTension provides high quality Hyphenation for your QuarkXPress  text.

Itís aim and purpose is to provide a tool that improves the appearance and readability of a userís page by inserting hyphens which are inconspicuous, so as not to disturb the flow of meaning in the story.

The internal hyphenation code that is used in this XTension has been licensed from Circle Noetic Services, thus you are guaranteed to receive the same high standard of hyphen breaks, as is provided by their renowned Dashes DA.

Dashes XTension is a linguistically based algorithm. It puts in over 99% of the possible hyphens with over 99.9% accuracy in all the languages offered.

Note. The Dashes XT will only work with QuarkXPress Passport or with a single language QuarkXPress that has the same language as the XTension.

Available for Windows and Macintosh O.S.

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